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so my depressed friend wouldn't budge on trying to be happy so I made a deal and said I would buy him a monster if he stopped being depressed and hang with me and the others aga, he agreed so I'm on my way to buy him one although I don't think it's a good idea, he shouldn't be bribed to feel happy, idk what do you guys think?

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  • You're fucking stupid. You moron. You can't make someone not have a mental illness. Telling someone to stop being depressed is like telling someone to just stop being schizophrenic, or to stop being retarded. They can't help it. Of course he's not fucking happy. Instead of having friends who understand and help him with his problems, he has asshats like you telling him to stop being depressed and they'll give him a treat, like he's a misbehaving child. You're ignoring his problems and making him feel unimportant to you instead of doing something that might actually help his depression, like CARING. Fuck you, man.

  • He's only pretending to be happy.

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