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I once broke up with a girl because I believed her future would be better without me in it. she had a loving home and a caring father, both things I lacked. I didn't want to corrupt her. I was her first boyfriend and she was 18 in her last year of high school. I was a drop out still living at home, mental problems and I saw no chance of me getting my shit together any time soon. So I ended it on a decent note. Years later I glanced at her facebook and saw shes been enjoying life and looking happy. Shes even looks like she's doing so well. hell if i know things would have turned out the same. I don't know if what i did was right or wrong but it looks like it was a good choice.

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  • Good choice, sure she is much happier without you in her life. Im sure everyone is! I sure am. :D

  • some people will never understand how difficult it is to let go of someone you truly care for.

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