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I feel like I was happier and people liked me more 8 months ago when I was chubby and didn't focus so much on my health and what I ate... now all I care about is getting the perfect body and am extremely cautious of what and when I eat. Getting in shape was suppose to make my life better but it's actually making me miserable and I can't find joy in anything anymore cause all I care about is being as healthy and in shape as possible and I even get less compliments form girls then i did when i was chubbier and unhealthy it's realy confusing ..its like a trap

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  • There is no such thing as a 'perfect body'. And as a girl, I must say I prefer men with something I can squish when I hug them. I mean lean guys are attractive, but I like guys with a little fluff around the middle. My boyfriend has a tummy and I love it u-u

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