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Why do guys who try to flirt with you insult you once you KINDLY reject them.. females too. I've seen females do that as well. I don't get it. People need to learn how to handle rejection, how do they get through life without being able to understand & handle it. You talk somebody up, be so nice & flirty they kindly let you know they aren't interested then you flip shit, usually calling them ugly and insulting them?? Are people THAT desperate, why would you flirt and want to be with someone if you supposedly find them ugly. People are retarded.

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  • Just like you said, they don't know how to take rejection. In my opinion the ones who react like that are the people who think their shit don't stank. Most likely used to getting whoever they want. There have been a couple times where I was surprised someone wasn't interested but I would never react like. You just have to let it go and move on

  • I've seen with some guys, that when you reject them they will call you a ho, a whore, a slut..etc. like WHAT LOL. They must not know the definition of those words.

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