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I have a close friend who is unbelievably sexy. She just recently got married so I know I have no shot and wouldn't try to break them up, but I also have this thing for her feet. (waiting for the comments of that, but there's far worse things I could be into than a pretty girls well taken care of feet) They are adorable, and I would love to take off her socks and massage and kiss them for her.

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  • Gross another feet person, you people are creepy as fuck!

  • Get your friend out of your head, you'll never accomplish anything and just ruin the friendship. And youre gambling with all future relationships as to wether or not they will be Into your foot fetish (In my personal experience more women liked it than didnt). In the meantime if your urges overcome you and you need hire a pair of legs: Check-out Backpage (dot com) for your city and browse the Dom/Fetish ads. There are A LOT of girls into foot fetish for money ($50 half-hour to $200/hour. Maybe more if you have weird requests). Personally I find if you buy them a new pair of sexy boots/shoes in addition to their fee you get much better return visits (I'm not guaranteeing a footjob but it's not unheard of)

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