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My life is a mess... I dont know what im gonna do, im just so sick of school,boys,fake friends,my parents fighting, they even got divorced. Im just sick,I've been thinking of killing myself,but its hard. I dont want to hurt the people that love me...but its too much. I decided that I needed to go to church...to find peace and happiness. Its not working that way, my dog died,everything on school is going bad, boys dont care abut feelings anymore and now Im more alone,more quiet and I dont care about boys feelings anymore I treat them like shit,. But thats life i guess, idk what im thinking, im depressed and say things that no one understands😒😞😓😴

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  • School is depressing, it's forced and nobody else wants to be there either so they all get bitchy. Life magically gets a lot better real fucking fast as soon as you graduate: Parents stop bothering you when you don't have to live with them, wether you go to college or get your first apartment. Fewer fake friends: in the real world people have real problems; debt, herpes, deadlines. Nobody got time for Highschool bullshit. Also Boys suck, but a few turn into real men

  • Get help, kiddo. You think no one understands, you're talking to the wrong people.

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