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Why can't we have a "perfect" world, where everyone can compromise and tell the truth? We could, if we all wanted to. But would this perfect world really be the best thing for anyone? The world would be on a delicate balance of agreement that we all would compromise and tell the truth, so if anyone refused to do either, things would be chaotic. The people would know nothing other than compromise and truth, so we would be powerless to stop someone who refused either. Compromise, it'd be easy to take over large areas, as you could just force your way through. Truth, it'd be easy to spread lies, as all would believe you were being truthful as the unwritten rule that all would know is never to lie. Just a little bit of corruption would make this perfect world fall.

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  • I totally get you and used to think pretty much like that, but the fact is people need problem to live on. Imagine if everything were perfect. People will not develop and life will be boring. Problems are good for human to keep developing and make things better, although many times the solutions make new problems. But we just gotta accept that it is the way it is. Now let me ask you, why dont you compromise on this thing? so you can live more peacefully

  • Because people are people

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