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I want to share my fantasy with you guys, and how i accomplished it recently. I don’t know why, but the ideia of “abusing” a girl sleeping/passed out drives me crazy. I would never do this without the consent of the girl and never did, and thought, how am I gonna realize my fantasy? I started talking to my gf (5 years) about how hot it is when she sleeps with a small panty or naked, and told her that frequently i passed my hands on her ass and pussy. She said that she didn’t mind it at all and if I wanted, I could try wake her up with sex. One day, she was sleeping face down and her ass was AMAZING, so I started to rub her pussy afraid she was going to wake up, but she didn’t. I pulled her panties to the side, put some lube in the pussy, and slowly put my dick in her, when I was half way through, she woke up scared and said: what are you doing? I was so embarrassed and never tried again, until last month. We came home drunk from a party and she fell asleep deeply on her side, with just a small panty. I started to rub her and slowly put my finger inside her pussy, and she DIDN’T WAKE UP! I thought to myself, this is my chance, so I put some saliva on her pussy and my dick, and moved her legs up a bit, and fucked her hard, without waking her up, and came above her ass. I cleaned her and never told her about it. I’ve been trying to do it again, but we never got drunk again e she wakes up too easily on a regular day. If I manage to do it again some day, I’ll post it here.

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  • Tf, your girlfriend is 5? lmao 😅

  • Dammit Bill Cosby. Get off of Confesster.

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