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you guys i need help. how do I talk to people? like just have a conversation with someone. I'm so damn lonely. I've been on a dating site for years now and have only met 2 girls that actually wanted to hangout but because i have such poor conversation skills i never got passed the 1st date. there's been so many girls that I've messaged and they'll reply but stop after a day or 2. some girls were way out of my league and some i felt like i could do better. some girls were in a better position than I am and some were still living with their parents and had no job. ether way the conversation was dry and didn't last long. i don't get it. i ask questions. i tell jokes. i give advice. i really try to get to know them and it fails. one girl i met we've been talking for a some weeks now and she's actually pretty cool, we get along well but now I'm scared eventually I'm going to run out of things to say or its just going to get dry and she'll end up dipping out just like every other girl. I'm so tired of this shit. i try and try and try. some i don't try just to see if it will be any difference but it's all the same. if it dosent workout with this girl I'm just going to forget about trying to find someone. it really sucks knowing that i may never find love simply because idk how to talk.

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  • your problem is that you are totally desperate for finding love... that isnt how it works, you are going in the wrong way... also, the best relationship are those where people share same hobbies and passions, especially if the are creative stuff.

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