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Im done doing shit for ppl bc no one wants to help me when I need it. I give my friends rides places all the time. I ride with them places when they don't want to go alone. I help them with w/e problems they have. I help them order things offline bc they don't know how to do it. When i need help tho all of a sudden everyone is busy. Some of them have no job or no car and only one of them goes to college so how busy can you be? I don't like going to unfamiliar parts of town alone either. I don't want to go to the mall alone either. When my car broke down I got a ride 1 time and it was literally 10 minutes away. I've driven some of them upwards of 30 minutes away never asked for a penny. I rarely ever ask for anything but after all the shit i do for them they have no common courtesy. I'm not desperate for money or anything and I figured friends help each other out so I don't mind giving rides. I've let a couple of them borrow small amounts of money and even though none of them have never not paid me back there are times i've said don't worry about it. Im not gonna trip off a couple dollars but if i need to borrow even for a sec until i can get to the bank it's a different story but then on IG they're posting about 30 40 dollar make up they got. I guess ill stop having to be so nice and treat them as they treat me. No more free rides or tagalongs for me. Im putting my foot down

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  • it's sad, but mostly life is like this, a friend who is there when you need them is very rare. Sometimes, we, human can only count at ourself, until the day, when we meet a person who trully care for you.

  • that's it, stop being her bitch.

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