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I am 25 and I recently got engaged, but I want to call the weeding off because I know I won't be happy. I have been with my fiancé for 3 years and it was 3 years of hell. He cheated, lied, has anger issues,was abusive, and is narcissistic. I know he loves me but I also know despite the fact that he is saying that he changed, I know he did not change. He is manipulative and I am naive. when I want to leave he threatens to kill him self or will have his family beg me to stay. But I know I will not be happy with him.How can I safely get out of this? He doesn't deserve me or my love. At 23 years old I gave him my virginity and was loving and caring, but he cheated with hoes and not once. Deep inside I know I do not admire him, or see him as a potential good husband or father of my future child.i need to admire my man. Plus I still love my ex. He is married but still loves me. He is always reaching out to me but we talk just as friends and saw each other once. I know he doesn't love his wife. I know none of these guys are the one for me . I always find myself in complicated situations.

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  • Just tell him you don't want to get married. Do it soon and get on with your life.

  • Thanks for the feedback everyone. This will not be easy but I am going to end the engagement. I know I will not be happy and it will be easier to end it know than getting divorce later on. I know it will not be easy because he will not let me go and have his entire family beg me. But for once instead of putting him first I will put myself first. I will not be easy and I am anxious about it. But ultimately I know that's the right thing to do.

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