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i am seriously fed up with my mom.I just told her my plans that i wanna do phd and want to work as graduate research assistant and she was very unhappy about it.Btw,it is my life and i am just telling her my plans.I dont wanna argue with her because however i tell her she would not understand it.So why do i even have to argue and i felt stupid for telling her out my plans.All i know is that i am just gonna go out with that plan and i am not gonna bother about her anymore and i am not gonna talk to her anymore.I am already too old to make my own decision and think for myself and i can differentiate the good and the bad and why do i even need her approval by the way.I am just gonna do it my way because i know that it is the right way.So i am not gonna bother what other people say and i am just gonna follow my dreams.Btw,since she say like this i am just gonna just nod my head to whatever that my mom say regarding job application but i will do graduate research assistant.Hahaha.Dont care and dont give a damn.

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  • I got tired of my others bullshit and moved-out of her house when I was seventeen. Most of me was glad to be independent but part of me was sad she just let me go and didn't try to stop me. I thought she'd be sad I actually left. I heard from my father that the doctors said she had cancer and she passed away shortly after, but my sadness turned to anger. In six years my mother never once called me. Never wrote a letter. Never stopped by to visit. My father said after I left the house she refused to even mention my name. Years and years later I'd discover my mother's mental health was far worse than they'd ever let on after I'd spoken to people who had known her when she was younger. She was always depressed even as a young child and apparently her entire life since childhood was ongoing substance abuse (pills). She's been dead decades now, I still feel bad I never got to have a real child/mother relationship, but some people are just born broken. And you just have to come to terms with that reality

  • good, once you get a job, leave that home and pay your own shit, your mom is a pain in the ass.

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