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I seriously seriously love being alone and on my own.I love being single coz you dont have to think about anything.Just think about your own self and not to bother about other people life and you can be as free as a bird.You are allowed to set your own rules and do whatever you think is right and i am happy being this way and i do hope that i could remain this way forever which is being a single person without any commitment like forever.Actually,i already have plans what i wanna do with my life even if i am single,i just wanna serve God and do Godly things thats all.I would rather live for my own God than to live for people.So thats exactly my plan to just continuely do things for God and serve the kingdom of God and just be a free bird forever and ever because i think God is my utmost Father in heaven and He knows all my needs and in fact He is my protector on earth so wherever that I go,I will be shielded by the blood of Jesus and i dont care what people or anyone wanna say about it because all i know i am happy being single and i will just let God lead my life and if anyone wanna laugh at it or say that i am crazy,its fine with me because i have reasons and i dont care and i dont give a damn at all.

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  • you must be lying, you hurt yourself. admit it. i also feel the same.

  • Good for you...? I like to think I am serving God by leaving myself available to help people. And I also like to think God helps me by sending people into my life that will help me. So while I'd be okay being single, I enjoy relationships

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