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ugh I can't decide, I really can't, my friend asked me to a winter formal prom thing but he treats me like a whore, he calls me a bitch and other stuff but at the same time he's so clingy I don't even know why I'm still friends with him but when will anyone ever ask me to a dance ever again! but my other friend, he's kind, sweet and very chill, just today I was so tired he let me rest my head on his shoulder until he had to leave, but I don't think he's sees like that, if he asked me to prom I would totally go since we at least go to the same school, ugh so distressedđŸ˜£

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  • I think you need a good lesson on respecting yourself from your parents. I am constantly on my daughter's case about her shitty choices in her bfs Since her current one is obsessive and controlling and when she breaks up with him he spreads romours and lies about her to every idiot that will listen. I think you need accept that "your friend" is most definitely not your friend. You need a serious boost in your self confidence (normal for your age but you still should work on it ). I would suggest the second boy as he seems more supportive. I would talk to your dad and I would hope he'd give you a life lesson to help you pick better choice of male friends.

  • Do you hear yourself when you talk?

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