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I really dont get how people can put their entire faith in religion. There are MILLIONS of religions out there! how is your religion right over theirs?.. Many would say that they feel their god.. But so do they!... I dont get it

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  • If you think of church as a social club for people with similar outlooks who want to think the best of each other (thus 'wear your Sunday best' and 'don't smoke meth in the back row') then it becomes easier to accept the whole "wildly divergent beliefs and practices issue". Whether there is one God or ten thousand is largely irrelevant. Just be a good person and be there for everyone else in Church when they need you

  • I am a non denominational Christian with a twist. I believe that most religion is all the same it was just interpreted differently based on different languages and ancient belief structures in order to get more followers. Strange i know but I love to talk to people in other religions and based on my understanding of the bible and history this is my answer.

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