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My friend of over 8 years, Who I have helped through depression. Who I helped though abusive relationships. who I helped stop cutting, stop sniffing glue. Has been drifting away for sometime taking longer and longer to respond to missed calls, messages, making excuses why she she's busy. And the reason, her boyfriend of four months. She's willing to let a friendship of almost a decade drift away over a smug prick of a boyfriend. I thought I knew her better than this. But I refuse to have Fairweather friends. So as of today I blocked her on FB and removed phone number from my phone. fairwell I hope he was worth it.

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  • Her loss. You sound like an amazing person. Hope you find a person you click with and it will stay that way.

  • Never known a girl before? 'Friends' are just placeholders in between 'guys', no matter how shitty they are

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