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Look, I get that it's human nature that if I have naturally big boobs people will stare. I totally get it, it's fine. It's also fine when people nicely start talking to me. Like with any other person I will decide if I'm comfortable talking to you or if I will slowly back off. But don't you dare for a second think of disrespecting me, touching me or even attacking me. I mean I never would treat you like an object either? It's common fucking sense for you to leave someone alone if they tell you to. It's also not ok to just randomly start touching strangers. I may not look like it but I've been doing kickboxing for the past 3 years and I will crush your nuts if you think harassing me is ok after I warn you several times. I hope these assholes will vanish one day. There's so many nice guys out there but those desperate assholes tend to overshadow them. I just needed to vent here. I hope you have a lovely day.

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  • Actually it's not human nature for some one to stare at your big boobs, it's just some one that A) has lack of manners / social ques B) they tend not to care or C) both of these.

  • Highschool: A four year crash course in sexual harassment

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