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Can I be a Catholic Buddhist? Anyway I don't take religion seriously meaning the book, I just believe that there is God, but I think buddhism is much more realistic than anything. I want to be a legit buddhist, just don't know how.

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  • Thank you for the explanation! <3

  • I have studied both thoroughly. Buddhism is incompatible with Christianity. Christians like Muslims believe strictly in one life and a judgement day. Buddhism fits better with pagans who haven't got a defined afterlife (Shinto for example) If you are looking for a Monotheistic religion with similar tenants to Buddhism I suggest researching Zoroastrianism. Essentially they feel there is one God and even angels. If you can follow the higher paths nearly identical to Buddhism, when you die you join the collective of souls in mystic union with God. Kinda like the changelings in Star Trek DS9.

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