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Should I get harmonica or ukulele? I heard diatonic harmonica in C is the best for beginner but idk about ukulele. I was thinking of harmonica as it is cheaper and needs less treatment, but Im not sure about the songs I can play with it. While ukulele will need more treatment like tuning it up and need more space, but there are more songs I can play which tutorials are plenty on youtube. I just need a musical instrument to make me feel alive at my dorm. Can anyone give opinions please? and what ukulele best for beginner, is it the soprano one?

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  • A ukulele is a good gateway instrument into other stringed instruments later on, such as guitar, bass, violin, etc. If you learn harmonica, it'll be cool, but you can't really use that knowledge with any other instrument. Also personally I found harmonica to be very tricky and rather messy since you have to constantly clean your spit out of it to keep it from rusting.

  • harmonica is an interesting instrument to play but it could be a bit troublesome withe the blowing and sucking breath, I never own a ukulele before, but I think is has a nice sound, more musical, and not much of a breath play, more to fingers play. So, you decide what's best suit you.

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