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My boyfriend just got a real taste of what my disability can be like, and I feel so sorry for him. no one wants a cripple as a girlfriend but it's what he's got. I love him so much but I know it was hard on him looking after me this weekend. he's never seen me this bad before and it was difficult for him to really help much because he was scared of hurting me... I've been unable to use my legs very well over the past 3 days and so I've not been able to walk very well and with it being that my knees are bad I couldn't even put trousers on myself out socks :/ which also means I couldn't take my socks off either :/ he's had to help me get changed and he's had to do everything for me that required me moving my legs much... its quite depressing when you can't do anything for yourself

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  • 'no one wants a cripple as a girlfriend' -- look girl, lose that attitude. You're a wonderful person with a not well functioning body, so what? Of course it's hard for your spouse to handle that, but you don't love someone for their legs. My boyfriend is epileptic, so I know what I'm talking about when I say that something like this doesn't affect the love you fell for someone. I still understand that you're sad, though. Keep your chin up, you will be fine ♡

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