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This weekend I was out with one of my great friends. We had been drinking and we met a couple who were attractive and very nice. After having some drinks and getting to know each other they asked if we would come back and have a foursome with them. 3 girls and a guy. This isn't something I just do, but we were buzzed and thought why the hell not? I am a single, successful grown woman and everyone was consenting. In addition to that I had some MDMA (something I do maybe once a year if circumstances are perfect) that we all took a little of and it made the experience that much more enjoyable. Needless to say we all went back to a nice hotel, had sex and enjoyed each other until about 6am. It was a great time and a one of those 'will probably never happen again' type of experiences.

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  • Riiiggghhhht on right on!

  • Yea he was, he was skilled and knew what he was doing. I came more than once :) She was also very skilled in the oral department :)

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