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My old best friend was always jealous of me because I was good at video games and guys hit on me even though i don't lead them on. She would always have a crush on her friends boy friends and acted on those feelings but because i wasn't ever in a serious relationship i didn't care for it. Now that I have a serious boyfriend i detached myself from her and my excuse was family problems. She was my only closes female friend. I have been trying to make other girlfriends but because I haven't had a female friend for so long i am afraid of rejection and I don't know if I should trust them. I feel lame..

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  • Friendship does not have to do with the sex of your friend... why would you want to force yourself to have male or female friends? Just be friends with someone who accepts you, thats all. I have many mae friends but also a couple female friends. But I don't see them as woman or man. I see them humans I love.

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