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A few months ago a hairdresser, who is a friends of my mom, did my hair for a party. During the two hours I spent there, she didn't stop making questions about my personal life. One of them was if I had a boyfriend. I said no. Then she asked if I had any friends with benefits and as a bit of annoyance was growing inside of me I said that yes, I had a ton of them. Now, as a typical stereotype female hairdresser (you know, the ones who know everyone's life and comment about it with others as a full-time hobby), she told everyone. Now every time I walk around the neighborhood I can notice the judgemental looks of my neighbors (who are mostly extremely religious people) and I can't help but laugh to myself because religious or not, most of them have dirty stories kept secret that they don't know that I know. I think it's funny.

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  • Haha religion is shit

  • Chatty hairdressers?! The devil you say!

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