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I am a muslim and I have a tattoo and now all my religious family members think i'm some kind of devil. Im actually a good muslim. i pray 5 times a day

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  • Hi its me again the 20 years old girl look I have friends who drink tatooed and do all they wish tge thing is they re not muslim and I respect that . I reapect people who eeapect their beliefa and values if you say you muslim respect it. If you dont wish to be than ve honnest about it.

  • Hi dear i am a muslim and you know how it is considered a major sin it is the idea that your body is to god and not a writing paper no such thing as fir fun did I ruin god gift will ever apply, it is considered on the same vasis as plastic surgery it is desteoying the creator s work. You can fool yourself by telling us but I pray , praying has to come with the heart dont you listen to what you sy when you pray , just surat al fatiha words should make you think...if you pray and disobey like that than better stop praying you kissed the while point, it is a majir sin and as a woman of 20 I kept virgin alcohol free.... from fear of god and I wont accept a tatooed supposedly good man or a guy who slept around like a pig...anyways wish you the best brother or sister

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