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I don't get it. I'm 5"8, athletic, I play 3 sports and love video games. I do good in school. I have chocolate brown eyes, long dark brown hair with natural light brown highlights. I play soccer, basketball, and volleyball. I do a bit of gymnastics. I've been told I'm a really funny person. I'm very optimistic and always happy. I love to laugh and I'm very adventurous. I love all animals. I'm good at cheering people up and making them laugh. I've got a great sense of humor. I get along better with guys than girls so, I have more guy friends than girls. I'm very energetic but lazy at the same time. I get along great with everyone. I get along great with all of the 'cliches' (like popular, nerd, goth, gamers, etc.) Why can't I get a boyfriend? What am I doing wrong?

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  • I volunteer as tribute

  • Maybe if you took the matter to your own hands it would happen. Stop waiting for boys to come to you. If you are a girl that has courage and isn't afraid of going for what she wants, then try it. You may surprise yourself

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