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Can someone please HELP me. I'm so confused about my sexuality, I really admire my teacher. She's a girl I'm a girl. I don't like her in a sexual way, actually, lesbian sex kinda repulses me. However, she's almost like my later ego, I can't stop thinking about her. I feel almost passionate about her. I aslire to be her as my mom never really wanted me. The teacher I admire is like 49 so yeah...ew. But I wish I looked like her at my age. I'm only 13 so my feeling havent really developed properly. I like guys in a sexual way... Definitely. But if I have a crush on one, it dies out within a week. Help me plz, I'd hate to be a lesbian , it's worrying me so much since I can't tell myself what's the difference between love and admiration.

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  • It's not bad to be a lesbian, 5 of my friends are and they are all happy. Don't worry about it. The heart wants what the heart wants. Admiration - you idolise him/her Love - you think about them almost all the time, fantasise about them, you're nervous af around them

  • Sister, NO ONE can tell you if you're LGBT. It is NOT bad to be lesbian or bisexual. Only you can discover yourself, nobody lives in your body. Yes you are young but never too young to find out sexuality. Keep experimenting! You are on the right track to finding who you are. When you find it, do not hide it and feel ashamed. You are born this way.

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