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I feel good again today because my mom just called me to say that she is gonna bake those christmas cookies.Yay.Awesomeness vibes to my soul indeed.But then again she gonna bake those very normal cookies that she used to know,my homecountry traditional cookies which i dont quite really fancy.I was thinking that she could bake something different this year since i have forwarded those cookies recipes to her email add but then again i dont know..i did mention about the crack candy though which is so easy to make.Hopefully she would make those crack candy.Anyway whatever cookies that she intends to do i hope that it will turn out well and will be delicious by the grace of the Lord.Oh gosh! I guess i am in that christmas mood already and i cant wait for christmas since my mom mentioned that this year she is gonna bake those scrumptious fruitcake.Oh my! I cant wait to feast on that good ol fruitcake when my mom and dad comes here for christmas.hehe.😊

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  • what's Christmas and fruit cake always goes together ?

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