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I'm a senior in high school who's failing calculus AB. Its my first D in a class. I was confident that my last assessment would bring me up to a C, but I checked my grade just now and it dropped. I've never put so much effort into a class before but still manage to end up failing. I don't want colleges to revoke my admissions when I submit my transcript I'm beyond scared and stressed

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  • I'm assuming it's AP calc, I took the same course and was in the exact same position as you for the first semester and a half.. I decided to start going to the teacher during my lunch break or in the morning for extra help and I also began watching YouTube videos on problems and doing extra practice problems on my own from the textbook. My grades in class were still just okay but by the time I got to the AP exam, I started studying even harder, like 2 hours every day or two and I ended up getting a 5 on the exam! You just have to believe in yourself, I was never more proud of myself than in that moment so it's definitely worth it! Just keep trying your best, if it doesn't work out, it's one class that's really hard, don't let it get you down, colleges won't revoke your acceptance :) be happy and don't stress too much, just do your best.. if no one else is proud of you for that, i am. I'm very proud of you and all the work you put in.

  • Calc sucks everywhere. Try hard to get it college approved in high school. Prob a lot easier.

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