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it seriously pains me when there's a lot of christians striding away from Christ.I mean why cant they see how magnificent and glorious Christ is? He is the one who is coming back btw,why cant they actually see that not other Gods.I mean why do they have to betray Christ just because of a person who is not a believer whom they love.I mean where is your faith? you trust people and person more or you trust Christ.Hmm seriously it really saddens me and it is a really sad thing that they did not experience Christ all their life.Thats because they have a very very low faith in Christ.I hope that one day,that these people whom had betrayed Christ will realize in their life who is greater because as far as i am concerned, Jesus is the one and only God that is real because of His Holy Spirit and in fact there is so much freedom in Christ that no other religion could compare.Seriously.And i for real have experience a lot of Christ loving kindness in my life and He indeed saved me and my family from a really bad accident and He also saved me from a really bad illness too and has healed me.So because of that i know that Christ is indeed real and He has also appeared to me in my dreams too.So yeah.I am gonna stick on to Christ and there's no turning back but what saddens me is those Christians who doesnt know who the real God is.Seriously i feel hurt as a believer of Christ.I mean just because you love someone and you wanna leave Christ? Dont you know how much Christ has forgave them all despite all the bad things that they have done to Him.Infact Christ is willing to die for our sins and get all that beatings and lashes from the roman soldiers.If Christ is willing to sacrifice his life for you,why cant you do the same for Him.Often we take Christ for granted.Thats the sad thing in the world but yet He is still merciful.I really do hope that one day those Christians who have betrayed Christ will realize who is Christ one day because the true fact for sure is that Christ is the one who is coming to earth back to judge us.

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  • The example Christ set is amazing. I struggle with petty stuff and just can't even come close to living up to his example.

  • Do u realize what ur saying. Ur worshipping someone fictional

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