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Being friend-zoned by someone you really like is one of the worst feelings in the world. It's worse than flat out being rejected. At least if you get rejected you can let it go and move on to someone else. When you get friend-zoned not only are you being rejected before you even try to pursue them, now you have to be friends with someone you like that doesn't know you like them but has already made clear they don't like you.

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  • Okay you're a little whiny. If they don't know you like them, then you haven't been friendzoned, you just are too shy to tell them. My boyfriend thought I had friendzoned him for a whole year. I HAD made it clear that I don't like him, but the only reason I did this was that I was sure he wasn't interested in me, and I didn't want to risk our friendship. Turned out he was just bad at showing affection and taking hints. A coincidence revealed that we liked each other. Without that, we'd still be stuck in each others 'friendzone'. And if she really tells you that she doesn't like you, then maybe you can escape that awful situation you're in, because maybe she doesn't want you as a friend anymore if she knows it - and then your problem is solved, because you don't 'have to be' friends with her anymore.

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