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It's freaking annoying when people try so hard to show off. Every post from this girl i went to school with is her talking about the nice things she has. Her last post was "My dog just knocked my 128GB iPhone 7 plus off of the couch. It didn't crack so I suppose this $40 case does work". The other day she posted "Omg this was so scary somebody almost rear ended the 2015 mustang I just got. My parents would've been pissed, $31K down the drain . Thank god I'm ok." ... it's not even the fact she has nice things that bother me I could honestly care less about what she has. It just gets on my nerves when people go out of their way to show off. Like nobody cares how many GB your phone is. Nobody cares what year or how much your car cost. This was just her most recent post but literally 99.% of her posts are her being ridiculous dramatic dran

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  • Sounds like she needs people to know because she needs attention. Not want, but NEEDS attention. So she will go out of her way to make sure to add the most obnoxious tidbits in her post. In reality I'm sure a lot of people who are friends with her on there feel just as you do.

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