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Why are most of you so pissed everytime someone calls themselves a gamer, because they play mobile games? And how sure are you that they don't play console ones? Do you have to label everything? No wonder people has a lot of labels now. Do you want to read hey I am a proud mobile gamer! In short he is still a gamer right? Who the fck cares if they call themselves like that, why are you so pissy about it? So this is like saying, you are not a reader because you only read comic books and not history ones.

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  • It's like someone who took 3 piano lessons is calling themselves a pianist. Or someone who writes essays for school is calling themselves an author. Sure, they write, but it's neither the kind of written document you associate authors with, nor do they write as passionately as an author. Same with games. "Gamer" is associated with video games, and those gamers spend hours on it. Mobile "gamers" however are just "regular" people who also have other hobbies. Also, the level is different. A video game has a story, a plot, it's hard to complete quests, you have characters and have to use your motoric skills and brain. If you play candy crush or farmville, you don't have any of that. So I'm correcting myself. It's not like someone who took 3 piano lessons and calls themselves a pianist, it's like someone who sometimes smashes his head on their brother's keyboard and calls themselves a pianist.

  • I also think that there shouldn't be so much hate, but don't tell me you don't know this feeling! I am obsessed with Harry Potter, it's my favorite book series, and whenever I hear someone say things about it that aren't true at all, but they act like they know about it, then it angers me. You probably habe something like this too, a hobby or something you like and are good at, and now imagine someone acting like a pro in it and then saying something completely wrong.

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