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Turbo~ I need you right now & don't know where your at!! & I need you here to be strong for me. I'm really hurting deep down & too weak to keep my head up & keep going on any longer. I just want to go to sleep for good this time...... maybe then Jeremy will understand how bad he hurt me this time!! There's no one here to stop me this time Turbo... I'm sorry I can't do this anymore I want out of this hell I call a life

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  • trubo~ you stole a car that morning to come get me outta the freezing cold I never thought you would be there, but you was & I'm blessed to call you my friend! I can't believe Appleton flip on me & told him everything!!! We can't be around each other anymore & I really miss you, i regret not getting to stay with you that night, we'll never know how that nite would of played out of where we would of ended up!? I miss you dearly

  • and what happens the next time you're faced with making a difficult decision? your friends won't always be there for to talk you down from a situation that it seems you don't want to do anyway because everyone has their own issues to deal with so just admit to yourself that you're strong enough to handle anything you decide to do and I think you will be just fine

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