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Look, some white people need to realize they're privileged. I'm a white American. I know I have some privilege I don't think about but it's still there. If you have to think hard and use Google to find a reason you're oppressed, you're not. I think what it boils down to is this: white people are subconsciously afraid of being the underdog. If black people get more power, more influence, white people won't be dominant anymore. I think some white people are afraid of being treated like how we've treated black people for centuries. Slaves, not good enough to use the same drinking fountains or schools, not able to vote or own property, not represented in media, stereotyped, killed when we surrender and the murderer isn't put in jail. That's scary. We're fine ignoring when racism happens today, we say racism was decades ago so it's all in the past. But the minute we realize it *might* happen to us, oh hell no.

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  • Must be watching too much MSNBC.

  • It always makes me laugh when people say blacks are oppressed. If white people hate black people so much how did we get Obama as our president? Cause he worked hard for it, not cause he sat on his ass and cried about things that don't exist, waiting for someone to fix it up. Black people have as many rights as white people. It's their job to move forward and become successful from there. Don't expect that just cause someone is black they'll get special treatment and opportunities handed to them. White people work for their success and so should black people. It's not that hard.

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