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I despise, absolutely DESPISE, calling into places. Unless it's ordering a pizza, I will always choose to do something online or with an app if it's an option. And if I do something online, I don't want someone calling me to follow up. If I wanted to talk to a person, I would've called in to start with. I'm pretty sure I have some level of social anxiety. I work in a call center for billing and tech support so I'm fine being on that side of the phone. And if the customer sounds like they'd be okay with going online for self serve, I'll let them know about that option too. I never know, some of those people may despise calling places too but didn't know they can do it themselves.

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  • Your smart phone has crippled you mentally. Smartphones have mentally crippled most of us to some degree.

  • I think you are being a bit over zealous with this I MUST NOT INTERACT WITH STRANGERS WEN IM NOT WORKING thing.

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