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When one of your close friends begin smoking, it's seen as perfectly reasonable to try and reason with them to stop in the interest of their own wellbeing, but when it comes to obesity, it's suddenly fucking outrageously unacceptable to try and make someone aware of how unhealthy they and their eating habits are.

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  • Well people also don't just 'start being obese' either. It's something that they either always have or it develops very slowly over time, and the situation is a bit different. Plus some people are still fat even when they eat healthy and exercise

  • It takes $0 to not start smoking. But healthy foods and gym memberships are expensive. A microwave pizza costs $1, not that many healthy options for $1. A lot of people also don't know how to cook healthy and make it fit into their lifestyle. That takes planning and discipline. You have to get into the habit of bringing a healthy lunch from home to work instead of a couple Hot Pockets.

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