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I was messing around with this group of people today, we were throwing things at each other and shoving each other playfully and then this guy was about to shove me but he said ''oh, sorry I don't want to hurt a girl.'' And backed away from me. Like ARE YOU KIDDING ME? That made me so fucking mad. I mean come on I'm not gonna break into pieces if a guy's a little rough with me. I've been punched and kicked in the gut by my older siblings a hundred times and I'm still standing. I get that guys are trying to be nice when they say stuff like that but seriously it pissed me off because he excluded me from the game because he didn't want to 'hurt me'. He deprived me of the fun of the moment because I'm a girl. I wish I could've told him to fuck off. And that's not the only time. You see it all the time. Girls standing on the sidelines watching while the boys horseplay because they don't want us to get hurt, because we're so dainty and fragile that we shouldn't dare have some fun with guys. It makes me sick.

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  • I'd just annoy him until he punched me, and then I'd punch him ten times harder :)

  • he didnt exclude you he avoided you and he was the one who retreat from the game, stop being a manipulative bitch

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