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Hi I'm here to nag. I'm a girl and I've had a crush on my best (girl) friend, that developed in deep love. I told her and now we're together and happy. Well. Relatively happy. We have to hide from everyone and only 4 of our friends and my brother know we're together. We're high school seniors and where I live that means studying 24/7 and no time. We also live in different villages. We can only be with each other, like, really be, couple be, only 15-20 minutes, 2 times a week maximum. And it's so frustrating. I see other couples in school, walking hand in hand, being together, and I wonder how it would be. We can't come out because of our families and the general public and it's just so unfair. We can never get distracted or someone might see us (we almost got caught by a teacher once) we have to hide everything, every glance, every emotion, every smile and it's just. so frustrating. And thenthere are people saying "well what else do the gays want they can get married" (it's not even marriage its like a contract) well I'd really like us all to be accepted and not killed because of who we love that'd be pretty great. I just want to be able to hold her. I love her so much and I'm really afraid she'll get hurt.

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  • I'm really sorry you both aren't able to be open about each other, I can't imagine having to hide that. You two can make it through.

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