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This guy I dated for three years cheated on me, and was married the entire time we were together. I found out through his Instagram. His Instagram is wicked_chandler

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  • My married brother dated this girl that he met on wechat. She didn't know my brother is married until she found his facebook. First, his side chick asked my bro 'who's Tina?'(not my bro's wife's real name) and he said idk her. She then asked who's jimmy? (not the real name of my nephew. When his son's name being mentioned, my bro didn't have the heart to deny his own son so he admitted he's married and it's her son. His side chick got SO disappointed. Shortly after that, this girl decided that she still wants my bro in her life and now still going out with my bro. Funny thing is, my bro's side chick helps my bro to track down my father's side chick, who's been using my dad for money(he spent almost 100k on her). A side chick who tracks down her own kind!!!😂 Yeah, my bro and dad are both cheaters. It's a shame when you're surrounded by shady ppl who think having side chicks somewhat make them men and think of it as nothing. I guess cheating runs in my bro's dna. I really hope that I'll get a loyal husband bc men like my dad and bro are very wrong. OP, I hope you're strong. You deserve someone better than your him! If he cheats on her wife with you, he'll surely cheat on you with some other girl as well later if you ever decide to be with someone shady like him.

  • what a douchenozzle

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