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My dog is so spoiled. She jumped on my bed the other night and I gave up my pillow so she could have it. She also really likes to lick the water off people after a shower so I stop and bend down so she can reach my arms and shoulders. she has a cut up memory foam mattress as a bed but she also has a memory foam mattress topper wrapped in a quilt which then has a blanket on top as her other bed which is in my mum's room on the floor next to my mum's bed. my mum gives her mini versions of her own meals (if they're safe for dogs to eat) and she's allowed to go wherever she wants to in the house. We keep the door open constantly even if we're freezing just so the dog can go outside whenever she wants. I have to keep a Týr cd close by at all times because they are the only thing that will calm her down, so when she scared I have to listen to the same 2 Týr albums for hours... she's a big baby who's very spoiled and I love her to bits when she's not being grumpy. ❤❤❤❤❤

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  • That's fine and all but don't just leave the door wide open all day. That's ridiculous. She can ask to go out like any dog. Or get a doggy door.

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