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It’s not so often that this happens but, once in awhile, I’ll get these sudden, immense bursts of sadness for no reason. And I don’t mean like, depression or something like that. No, this is different. Whether I am walking to class, talking with my friends, taking a shower or just doing my homework, I'll suddenly get SO sad for no reason. No reason! It’s like someone threw a sadness bomb on me and then BAM! I’m suddenly holding back tears, trying to keep my composure. I don’t understand why this happens to me. I had never felt true pain before I got these sudden bursts of inexplicable sadness. It hurts so much and it hurts even more not knowing the reason behind them. Sometimes, I feel like maybe I have this sixth sense that allows me to feel other people’s sadness as my own, but only when it's extremely strong. But I know that’s stupid and in reality I’m probably just an over emotional teenager. Or maybe it's just accumulated emotions, I don't know. I wish it would stop.

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  • I am the same way.

  • I don't know much about it, but maybe look up 'bipolar disorder'. Or it could be a developing depression?

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