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As a guy, I don't understand why "starfishing" (laying there doing nothing during missonary) is bad. What is the girl supposed to be doing?? She can't move much, and if she does it usually just fucks up my rythm. If she's on top, I'm just laying there, so it's fair. I guess guys who complain about it are just so lazy that they don't want to do ANY work.

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  • As a girl who has been under a guy and on top of a girl, let me explain. There's a difference between not moving much and just being unresponsive. A girl can touch whoever is on top of her with her hands, rub their back, grip their hips, touch their arms, anything. She can shiver and moan or say things to indicate that she likes it. If she just lays there, it makes me think she doesn't like it. And if my boyfriend doesn't react much when I go down on him, I think he's not enjoying it. Whoever is on bottom should be doing SOMETHING. I always do. And I don't even have to think of it usually if I'm enjoying myself; it just happens.

  • You do? From different girls or guys or 1 person?

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