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I have absolutely no luck with men....it seems like I'm only wanted for sex...the last 2 guys I actually trusted and threw away my bitterness for ruined me...i hate being such. fucking good person to shitty people.. not just dating wise but in general.im just gonna be a manipulative Bitch. signed Manipulative Bitch.

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  • it sounds like you are very young - a lot of young people are to young to settle so they just screw around. maybe focus on your studies until you are about 28 - that's when more people start taking relationships more seriously. also not a bad thing for some experiences in life to harden you up a bit - it's a tough world out there and you need to learn to look out for yourself better. No use in becoming a manipulative bitch though - you will just then spread the unhappiness like they are and probably end up putting off the guy that's meant for you one day.

  • Yes please, be like them to get back at them.

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