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why should i feel guilty getting paid for my time or sex? when I dated my ex which was my first and only rl he fucking cheated on me and used me.the only person that benefited from the rl was him...im.tired of being used by men and people in general.at least there should finally be some kind of benefit for me.screw what society says. aren't we all selling ourselves in some way or another in life in general?(sorry for the rant) but really married people (husband usually buys wife gifts,money for shopping etx,whether she's independent or not,same as any other rl...its the same as an escort getting paid for dates,favors,etc. sincerely, An unapologetic bitch.

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  • lol so what. what your body count guys?

  • I'd pay for honesty like this. jeez. I'm sad now. you're right about women selling themselves to whatever male can pay for the most.

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