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I hate you so much.you took my innocence and everything I stood for....how could you do that to me?you were supposed to be my friend.you have a mom....how can you look me in the eyes and tell me you care about me then rape me?I'm allowed to reject sex...you knew I wanted to wait for marriage to have sex again...you raped me not only physically but mentally as well.you didn't even use a condom...:/ you could've given me and std or even gotten me pregnant. I hate myself so much for trusting you...i cared about you....you were one of the last guys on earth I trusted and you did this to me.. I hate you so much...it hurts...at first I masked and pretended ntn happened but it's all resurfacing and I can't control it anymore...im a mess...i have anxiety and I feel extremely uncomfortable around men...i can't even be touched by them...now every time a guy tried to touch or kiss me...i feel a panic attack coming on. save me from myself... anon

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  • he's back to dating his ex...I wonder if in the only one he did this to

  • was he THAT bad in bed ?

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