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I just found out one of my friends got engaged last night and i think it's a huge mistake. She's only 18 and they just started dating earlier this year. Neither of them have a job (He got her ring from a thrift shop for $15). They both still live with their parents (obviously since neither have any income). He has a car but it's a 91 toyota that he keeps having problems with (Other friends and I have had to go pick them up when his car broke down). They're planning their wedding for summer of 2017 (no idea who is paying for it) all of our friends think it's crazy and her mom is pissed (and the way that I found out about it). I've met him a few times and he's an okay guy at best. He's not attractive in the least bit, he stinks sometimes, he doesn't have a job or money, he's not that funny, and he's not the nicest most pleasant person to be around so i don't know what there is to like about him. What kind of 22 year old doesn't have a job. No college no anything. I don't want to spend my hard earned money on stuff for their wedding just for them to break up. I don't know the guy very well but I know her and she is not a relationship person which is why this is all the more surprising to me. This is not even her longest relationship and she's talked about breaking up with him multiple times. I'm so confused.

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  • everyone has their type you might not see what she sees in him but i mean not having a job and getting married is not the best choice, atleast they should wait until they save money or something.

  • Lmao I bet they will break up before the 'wedding'. They both sound naive as hell.

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