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I hate being so skinny...no one understands my struggles to find clothes that fit or that fact that I'm underweight....fat people make everything about them.the world doesn't fucking revolve around you!!! unlike you doing something about being fat...ive tried gaining weight..ntn works and fyi being skinny isn't amazing ^-^ we just look better In everything we wear.

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  • I was going to upvote you until that last bit. 'We just look better in everything we wear.' That's such a lie and it's really uppity of you.

  • I hate how people think that if you're skinny that your life just somehow is better or becomes better, skinny people get harassed, fat people get harassed. we all get harassed & it hurts - skinny or fat. No need to be a dick to anyone and this is coming from someone who is chubby lol

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