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This year, I can't do Christmas. I'm too broke. I don't have a tree, ornaments, or money for presents. We just moved so all of our money went to moving expenses and bills. It's not a huge deal since it's just my boyfriend and I. But next year we're having a real Christmas. I'm getting a tree and ornaments at least, damn it. I'm making my wish list online right now. I'm not going to get it all in one year, but I'm getting a tree at least.

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  • you still can "do Xmas" volunteering on a shelter or something like that since the holiday is not about ornaments.

  • you can still have one! well, a mini tabletop one at least lol. or you can spend a couple hours making one out of crafts and stuff. It can be a cute little memory for you and your boyfriend's Christmas in your new place.

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