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Sometimes I feel bad for my father... he is a very ambitious person, he used to be the son of a farmer but now he is a CEO of one of the biggest company in my country. While here I am actualy I really want to pursue art and literature cause that's my passion. But my dad want me to pursue business more cause he thinks art profession aren't appreciated here in my country. So I'm currently majoring in business half-heartedly and I really don't want to work at the office after I graduate. I just know I won't be happy. I'm still secretly write and make comics though.

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  • Your dad has experience in life he knows what is good for you. Who knows when you have your studies done with business you can use the money you made at the office to pursue your dreams. Trust me, you don't want to be broke all the time , there are worst things but it's really not easy.

  • If money didn't exist ur dad would be following his passion too or maybe that's his passion. What I mean is that u will make more $ doing what U want not what somebody else wants. Don't put urself in misery. I'm not saying drop out but u could incorporate business with comics or whatever art ur into. Any things possible no matter who tells u differently. Look at the guy who made nikes. He started off selling shoes in the back of his van at his sons sport games.

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