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I have very strong rules about certain things when you take my kids with you. I don't care what your rules are they are my kids! I know that the drinking driving laws say you can have .05 blood alcohol level. My daughter is 15 you drank in front of her than you take my 3 kids (other two are aged 12 and 6) plus your two kids and drive them home. Yes you only had one and you had it 4 hours before driving but that's not the point. The point is my daughter seen you drink and because you said you are ok to drive she didn't listen to a word about alcohol and driving safety I have been trying to teach her. She values your opinions more because you are the cool aunt. Then you call me a bad mom over a situation you know nothing about! You wonder why I try to keep my kids away from you.

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  • I see your argument, but consider this: She really was probably safe to drive. Maybe have her explain to your daughter when it isn't safe.

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